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Financial Benefits

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Cost Containment


tilt up buildingIn-place material costs are more competitive than precast, masonry and steel structures; fewer skilled laborers are needed to achieve high-quality construction. In addition, the speed of erection and ease of other subcontractors' work further reduce costs.


Costs are easier to control because there are fewer variables with Tilt-Up. Ready mixed concrete, made from readily available native materials, has price stability. Vertical forming and scaffolding are eliminated; less skilled labor is needed; and, the short construction cycle precludes cost run ups. Weather is less of a problem, since the floor slab provides a stable work surface for the trades.


Positive cash flow: Materials are used as soon as purchased, allowing for early payment, unlike off-site fabricated building components requiring long lead times.

Lower Operating Costs

Less heat and air-conditioning will be required for your Tilt-Up building, and smaller, less costly mechanical systems can often be used. The thermal mass inherent in concrete reduces the heating and cooling peaks and loads. Insulation systems are available that enable the construction of integral sandwich walls or lightweight interior insulation. The national Energy Policy Act of 1992 mandates improved energy performance in commercial buildings, and recognizes the effect thermal mass contributes to reducing heating and cooling loads.


tilt up buildingYou'll have lower insurance premiums because:

bulletConcrete provides more fire resistance than comparable steel buildings or wood frame structures.


bulletTilt-Up concrete structures have been shown to withstand wind storms and earthquakes better than comparable buildings of other materials.


bulletSecurity is better with solid concrete walls.



Your new Tilt-Up concrete building will require less maintenance. The exterior can be left unpainted with no damage from the elements. If painting is desired, it need be repainted only every five to ten years. Concrete interiors are less subject to damage, and easier to wash down.



Tilt-Up is innovation! This highly efficient, practical method of construction makes beautiful buildings possible at costs that rival the most utilitarian industrial building. Tilt-Up contractors are innovative, and continually work to improve Tilt-Up techniques. Today, there are many contractors are experts in this specialized construction.

Design-build construction scheduling further enhances the Tilt-Up concept! The use of computers in the preplanning and layout process provides the opportunity to make innovative improvements before the design is finalized.